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Exhibitions of art and photography, with artists from around the world. @ABside

Bio&Benessere Fair

From October 1th, through October 13th we're at Bio&Benessere fair, in Mariano Comense, at Palazzo Storico delle Esposizioni

Observations from a pedestal of ammonium chloride

Fuorisalone event

8-14 April 2019 - exhibition of photographs by Arnaldo Erdassion

A light breeze lifts the napkin that has fallen to the ground. I look up at the solitary light bulb, which throws pulsating flashes of light and animates long dark shadows. Window reflections describe arches of an alien but possible, desolate but vibrant world. I look around, still lost after the long journey. The light blinds me, I open my mouth, but I can't make sounds. Silently, I invoke the wise graphene bulb that makes my memory and illuminate my path. Am I breathing? I raise an arm, look at my hand, smooth and sparkling like glass. What chemical reactions are now defining me? I can almost see hydrofluoric acid flowing through my veins. The shadows move around me, I continue my journey, hoping to find an answer.

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Fà la cosa giusta

From March 8th, through March 10th we're at Fà la cosa giusta fair, in Milan, at FieraMilanoCity

Arnaldo Erdassion

Presentation of the book "Scarabocchi a matita" by Arnaldo Erdassion.


On the occasion of the 2018 furniture show, a new exhibition by the Russian artist based in Hamburg Hans, Farben.

Hans plays with matter by joining the plasticity of acrylic to objects found in his tireless roam the cities of Europe. The colors are spread on canvases, pvc or modern cardboard totems and wood, creating a movement of elements that break on born objects from the floor. A unique and engaging exhibition.


Materials On the occasion of the 2015 Salone del Mobile, an exhibition of the Russian artist based in Hamburg Hans, Materials.


Bart Herreman was born in Belgium where he attended the Sint Joost Academy of Breda in the Netherlands. He moved to Italy in the late 60s and began his career in photography: from fashion to photography of reportage, furniture, architecture and still life. Parallel with the advent of digital photography, he continues his research creating a world of fantasy and surrealism: animals and characters are represented in a world that from time to time represents improbable places and everyday moments. Twiga (giraffe in Swahili language) follows him on this journey made of visions, travels and worlds on the edge of reality.


Coinciding with the events in the United States against the Arizona SB 1070, one of the hardest laws on illegal immigration in the United States, ABside organizes the Chicano exhibition with the artists Coyote and CNB, a journey through the culture of the Chicanos, the Mexican-American community.

Mario Nodari

Exhibition of the famous fashion photographer, from the beginning of the news to the spotlight of the most important fashion magazines


Exhibition of handmade carpets. Lavgon is an all-female workshop of ethical fashion, creative tailoring and craftsmanship.

It was born in 2004 in Italy, where, even today, all collections are thought and realized.

Rediviva - art meets recycle

On the occasion of the communication week, from RIVELLO, a small Lucan village, the Rediviva contemporary art exhibition arrives in Milan With this initiative came a thought that transforms, re-invents, re-vitalizes and re-uses creative energies, rebelling against the affected conditioning and generalized stereotypes that come from mass media.

Thomas Berra, Ilaria Forlini, Alberto Garuffio, Lavgon, Federico Massa (Cruz), Nemo’s, Emanuele Polzoni, Fabio Ramunno, Emiliano Rubinacci, Eleonora Todde, Federico Unia ( Omer TDK) hanno contribuito al nuovo allestimento realizzato per l’occasione all’interno e all’esterno di una location nel centro della citta’. The Communication Week (Milan 3 - 10 October 2011) was born as a great event connected to the EXPO 2015 and is a very rich container of conferences, events, exhibitions, seminars that will be held in many spaces of the city of Milan on the topic of communication .

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Exhibition of tapestries by Diego Cappellini