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ABsideBio autumn/winter

Accessories ABsideBio, warm collars, hoods, scarves and gloves in very soft organic wool and cachemere. 

ABsideBio is a line of garments made from organic fabrics through a collaboration with german producer Lebenskleidung . The wool, stretch jersey, the velvet and the sweatshirt are 100% organic cotton. The wool fleece is made of 100% finest organic virgin wool from Argentina. Spun in France. This wool is so-called “kbT” wool—meaning it comes from animals that have been raised using solely organic measures. This means that artificial fertilizers are not used on the pastures where the livestock grazes, and that genetically-modified fodder, as well as fodder containing meat, are avoided. Another key issue in the treatment of the animals is the use of “mulesing”—a technique used against parasite infestation. Because this practice is exceptionally painful for the animals, the “kbT” label also certifies that the wool does not originate from mulesed sheep. Production and trade take place according to the Fairtrade standard.

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